Environmental Poll

On May 20, 2012 Pulse Opinion Research conducted a survey of 1,000 adults in New Jersey.

Are you very concerned, somewhat concerned, not very concerned or not at all concerned about the possible effects of global warming and climate change?

38% Very concerned

33% Somewhat concerned
14% Not very concerned
15% Not at all concerned
1% Not sure

Do you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree that human activities have led to climate change and other environmental problems?

44% Strongly agree
25% Somewhat agree
11% Somewhat disagree
17% Strongly disagree
3% Not sure

What precautions have you taken in the event of unusual weather this summer -- stockpiled necessities, created an evacuation plan, made improvements to your home, or you have not taken any precautions?

15% You have stockpiled necessities
4% Created an evacuation plan
24% You made improvements to your home
54% You haven’t taken any precautions
3% Not sure

Has New Jersey’s weather has been unusually extreme in recent years?

48% Yes
34% No
18% Not sure

Should federal, state, and local governments play a much bigger, somewhat bigger, somewhat smaller or much smaller role in protecting the environment?

34% Much bigger
32% Somewhat bigger
12% Somewhat smaller
17% Much smaller
5% Not sure

Do you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or strongly disagree that there should be a permanent ban on oil drilling in the Atlantic Ocean off New Jersey?

23% Strongly agree
18% Somewhat agree
23% Somewhat disagree
29% Strongly disagree
7% Not sure

What is New Jersey’s most-important environmental problem….Safety of the state’s drinking water, pollution at old industrial sites, beach erosion, or preservation of open space?

38% Safety of the state’s drinking water
32% Pollution at old industrial sites
4% Beach erosion
16% Preservation of open space
5% Something else
4% Not sure

When it comes to your personal behavior or habits have you made many changes, some changes or no changes out of concern for the environment?

26% You’ve made many changes out of concern for the environment
56% You’ve made some changes
17% You’ve made no changes
1% You are not sure

How often do you recycle plastics, glass, cardboard, and old paper?

76% All the time
17% Most of the time
3% Some of the time
3% Rarely or never
1% Not sure

Do you own a hybrid or electric vehicle?

6% Yes
93% No
1% Not sure

How likely are you to purchase a hybrid or electric vehicle in the next five years?

14% Very likely
28% Somewhat likely
30% Not very likely
26% Not at all likely
2% Not sure