Weren’t we just here a few weeks ago?

February 27, 2013

Remember back in December, when Washington faced a self-imposed deadline designed to bring Congress and the White House together on budget reform – or else face the consequences of massive spending cuts?

They called it the “fiscal cliff.” And it’s back, because weeks ago Congress and the White House simply avoided it by taking another route.

This time, there’s no turning back. On March 1, billions will be cut automatically from the federal budget unless the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and the Obama White House agree on a deficit-reduction package.

It’s called “sequestration.” And it’s very likely to have an impact on your life. This week, the White House released a report documenting how officials plan to run the government if the sequestration indeed becomes the law of the land on March 1. Click here to read the White House’s report on the impact of March 1 cuts on middle class families, jobs, and economic security for New Jersey.

Shane Derris is the Assistant Director of the Kean University Center for History, Politics and Policy.