Kean University Urges Preparedness With “FrankenStorm” Poised To Ravage NorthEast

October 26, 2012

As Hurricane Sandy continues its approach towards the Mid-Atlantic region during this weekend and into early next week, it is important to maintain perspective and to be properly prepared. The storm's behavior will be governed by both its tropical origins and a cold air mass moving towards New Jersey from Canada that will spawn the development of a Nor'easter.

“This combination of parts or pieces is how the ‘Frankenstorm’ term came into use,” said Dr. Paul Croft, Associate Professor of Meteorology at the Kean University School of Environmental and Life Sciences. “We are expecting a powerful hybrid storm.”

In practical terms it means preparing for the onslaught of multiple forms of bad weather: heavy flooding rains, storm surge, tidal flooding over several high tides as the full moon approaches, strong winds that will gust to at least 50 mph and likely higher, and likely power outages with downed trees as well as some structural damage. 

“It is not a time to panic, but to understand that this will be an exceptional storm in terms of intensity, the amount of time it lingers, and that it will affect the entire region,” said Dr. Croft.  Now is an appropriate time to prepare while acknowledging that the impacts are anticipated to be greater than for one of our "typical" Nor'easters.

With the storm’s arrival imminent, Kean University will disseminate important information and updates to the campus community using a variety of communication devices. These include: Kean’sCampus Alert System,, Twitter and Facebook.

Kean University administrators, working with the Office of the Governor and other state officials, are meeting throughout the day to track the progress and evolution of the hurricane. Any communication regarding university closures, class cancellations and/or delays due to Hurricane Sandy will be made utilizing the methods listed above.  Click here to view video commentary on the storm and its progression from Dr. Croft.